Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Added Contacts

Gwynnie's first fish!

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up!" (Psalm 68.19) We have so much for which to thank the Lord. "[He] crowns [us] with steadfast love & mercy." (Psa 103.4)

1) The Lord has greatly increased our contacts, and we have planned several trips in the next month which will allow us to meet many more new people.
2) We've presented at some churches, and received some gifts from them.
3) Just yesterday, I met a pastor in Illinois. Now he wants us to come to his church. He also promised to arrange for us to meet half a dozen other pastors he knows. Praise the Lord!
4) I meet with another pastor close by on Friday.
5) At a local homeschool conference, we were purchasing curriculum for 4 years (the length of our first term in Suriname). The company from which we get math books gave us 50% off for being missionaries. That saved us substancially!
6) The homeschool conference was also a great encouragement to us. And we learned, in the seminars, some very practical helps for overcoming the particular reading difficulties we face with one of our kids.
7) We're learning some management skills to help us make better use of our time, arrange more of a routine for the kids, and get more accomplished. We need these skills both now, and when we are in Suriname.

Immediate Prayer Needs: Please thank the Lord with us for his manifold blessings upon us. Pray for our upcoming trips, that the Lord would provide all we need to go to Suriname, and that He would lead us to meet many more believers & tell them about the ministry.

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