Saturday, June 9, 2012

Only 2 Months 'til Baby #5

"Baby Bean Due: August 9"

When I married Erin, at age 32, I thought I might be an old man before we had any children. But God had other plans! Our first son, Parker, was born only 10 months after we married. Then Jonah came less than 2 years later. Then Gwyneth & Lyla, each less than 2 years from the previous one. And now "Baby Bean," as we call her, again less than 2 years from Lyla. God has so richly blessed us, not because we are such righteous or excellent parents, but purely by his grace in Christ. We don't deserve to have these children, and are extremely privileged to raise them. And we are constantly in need of God's grace & love, otherwise we will do no good for the children, nor anyone else.

As most of you know, we want to serve Jesus Christ overseas. We have an opportunity to go to Suriname in South America. Again, we do not go because we are extraordinary believers, but because of God's redeeming love toward us. It doesn't take extraordinary people, but the extraordinary God, who uses ordinary people. We need other ordinary people to go with us.

Not everyone is able to go & serve overseas. But you can still serve by continually praying for God to work through this ministry, by supporting us financially, and by telling others about the ministry.

Here is one way you can help right now. In anticipation of our Baby "Bean's" upcoming birth, please go to World Team's Give Now page & give a generous gift to help us get to Suriname--just mention the Pfleegors. Then switch your Facebook (or other social media) profile picture to our family picture, and post a link on your page to this blog (, and World Team's Give Now page. Please help us reach 35% by August 9th, her due date. Thank you very much for your help!

We don't receive anything until we actually move to Suriname. Your gifts now go toward our outgoing expenses, and are held in an account for us by World Team. Our goal, with God's will & provision, is to leave in May of 2013. We would also be glad to visit your church, and tell them more about Suriname. And yes, we will travel a long distance to visit you. Thanks again.

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