Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Journey in Preparing for Missions

In 2001, I went to Asia with a friend. There I witnessed personally to people of various religions through a translator. I saw & felt, first-hand, the desperate need for Christ in the world!

I was changed forever by that trip. I asked Erin to marry me with the understanding that we might end up anywhere in the world. She was willing both to marry me, and to go.

We married in 2004; our first son was born (2005); I graduated from seminary; and I began to serve as a pastor in Minnesota--all within about a year. There God richly blessed us with children: our two “souvenirs” a boy (2006) & a girl (2008). However, the whole time we could not get away from the desire to serve where Christ is not known. We even ministered cross-culturally to Native Americans on the nearby reservation, which only deepened that desire.

In 2007, we applied to serve with World Team, and went through a rigorous evaluation. These brothers & sisters gave us practical feedback about our Christian walk. They gave us some areas to grow in, and invited us back after a couple of years. This was hard news, but we took it as from God, and returned in 2010. This time, they accepted us--we were elated!

Since then, we have been serving in our church. And we have been discipled by the leaders of two churches, Bible Baptist Church in St. Louis, MO, and now Rockport Baptist Church in Arnold, MO. I visited South America in 2010, and shortly thereafter our younger daughter was born.

This whole journey to a foreign field has been a blessing from God. A blessing to our marriage; to our spiritual growth; and to our family. Praise him!

Thank you for praying for us. Please continue, as we gather partners to work with us & help us, and make our final preparations to go in September of 2012.

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