Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vision Trip

We are so excited to go on our "vision trip." We will be in South America for 7 days. This trip is an opportunity to see the country & people, get a feel for what it would be like to live there, meet the ministry leaders there, and confirm God's call for us to serve there.

This is my wife's first trip outside of the U.S. So she is both excited & a little nervous. We are leaving our 3 older children with some close friends for the week. They will have a great time playing with the other children. We are taking our youngest, turning one-year during our trip, with us. We would love to take all of the children, so they could see what it is like; however, the cost is prohibitive, and having them along  they would make it difficult to get a good look at the place & people. Nevertheless, it will be difficult leaving them for such a long time.

Please pray for us that God will lead us, confirm this ministry as the right one for us, and use us as a blessing to the people there. Pray also for G.S. & his family, the ones with whom we will be working most closely, that we could develop a strong relationship, and that God would bless their ministry--they've been there many years already.

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