Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vision Trip Day 6

These believers were very friendly & hospitable.

This morning we talked with G.S. about our experiences during the week, and whether we want to come to Suriname. We were happy to say that we loved our time there, and felt that we didn't want to leave.

We had some time to go on a date. Our friends watched baby Lyla, while we went out to eat, and explored a little. We had been so busy getting the word out, and preparing for this trip, that we didn't get to celebrate Erin's birthday. We even had to drive about 11 hours on her birthday. So we celebrated her birthday in Suriname.

While we were out, a stranger asked us to get him something to drink. I gave him a bottled water, and asked him if he knew about Jesus--he spoke very good English. I told him a little, and directed him to our friends who could tell him more. He spoke about having some knowledge & experience in the truth but had gone astray. We pray that God will lead him to himself, and establish him in the truth, and make him a light to others.

We had some time to do a little last minute shopping downtown to get some things to show as we tell others about the ministry here.
A beautiful old building downtown.
An old church building downtown.

 We got to visit for a short time with these believers. They just came out from ministering in the bush. They've been serving in Suriname for many years, the couple in the middle for 40 years.

We visited Sister C. in her humble home. I visited her last year, and she really wanted Erin to come, too. Her whole house is about the size of one small bedroom in the U.S. It floods whenever there is a heavy rain, so she has to keep her fridge up on stilts, and everything off the floor. She is not merely content with her home, but loves it, and doesn't want to leave, though her children want her to come & live with them.

Yet, her humble abode could not contain the enormity of her hospitality. She did not let her poverty stand in the way of loving & serving strangers. She insisted on feeding us, and she had a wonderful meal prepared, including the most delicious eggplant curry.

We finished the day having dinner with the S's, the family with whom we'll be working most closely. We said our goodbyes, since we'd be leaving very early in the morning.

A pastor & his family.

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