Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vision Trip Day 3

Our humble upstairs apartment.

This morning we went to the supermarket, grocery store, department store, and downtown. There are no Wal-mart's! We got to see the miriad of fruits & vegetables, many of which we have no idea what their English names are.

They also love smoked fish.

We also went to an appliance store to see what the prices are like. In general, we can get what we need. Prices are higher than in the U.S. because they do have to import so much. Gasoline is about $5.55/gallon. Food is more expensive also. We will eat mostly local food because it is cheaper than trying to eat an American diet of imported foods.

Later, we went to a small village to visit our friends, and get to know them better. Lyla did so well; she loved being passed from person to person, and then wouldn't let go of R.M., when it was time to leave.

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