Monday, September 19, 2011

Vision Trip Day 4

A group from Missouri visiting on a short-term trip.

Late last night a group flew in from Missouri. The organization sends people annually. We got to meet them this morning at their orientation meeting. We were surprised to find that we have mutual friends with a few of them. We may see some of them in the future when we are living in Suriname.

One of the churches that our missionary friend G.S. helped plant is working on a building for their meeting place. Currently they meet in the garage of the pastor, which they open & expand each week for their Sunday gatherings; otherwise they meet in their homes.

They purchased this property themselves. Last year, when I was here, it had been mess from the previous owners. They've cleaned it all up, and built a fence. Now they're buying sand as they're able to raise level--to prevent flooding. They are working hard with shovel & wheelbarrow to move the sand. As they are able, they will build a foundation & the building.

In the afternoon, we went to a village to visit people in their homes, and talk with them about Jesus. The people were very friendly, and many open to talk with us.

We split into groups to visit people. Several believers from other ethnic groups helped.

This is where many of the local people worship.

That night, the group from Missouri led a Bible study on men's & women's roles in marriage. Through this, we were enabled to see the difference in culture because arranged marriages are typical here. We have to be careful how we interpret the Bible, so we do not see it through the lens of our modern American culture, and read into it things which are not really there. Nevertheless, we had a good discussion of the Word, and good fellowship before & after.

So many have not heard the Good News about Jesus Christ. Will you come with us to proclaim Jesus?

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