Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vision Trip Day 2

Happy Birthday, Lyla!
After getting some extra rest, G.S., the World Team missionary with whom we'll be working most closely, came and told us more about the field of Suriname, and the particular needs here.

Here are some of the specific needs here:
1. One or two families to work in the same ministry with us.
2. One family to train church leaders in another people group who are sending out their own missionaries.
3. People who will come short-term to help train & develop the church leaders.
4. We need a photographer/videographer to come & make a DVD for making the needs of Suriname known.
5. One or two people to do some accounting work, transferring data from paper to computer.
6. Two or three families to work among a people who have no churches, no Bible studies, and no evangelists among them.
7. One or two families to work among a people group who are responding well to the Gospel, but the need for evangelists is still great.
There is more, but this gives you an idea of the need for laborers. Pray that God will send them. Then come yourself.

Later we went to the missionary's home to have lunch with his family. His wife had made a wonderful meal of curry chicken, "dal roti," an Indian-origin favorite of people here, and pumpkin, which is also very common.

Erin enjoying some cake with the ladies.

Later, that night we had dinner with the same family, and the leaders of the two churches they helped plant. They also had a surprise birthday party, complete with hats, cake & a candle, for Lyla who turns 1 tomorrow. Birthdays are very special to the people here. They make an excellent means of evangelism, too. Many people will not come to a church building, but they will gladly come to a birthday party, and invite us to theirs.

Since English is their native tongue, I was able to encourage them in the Word. We read together the book of Titus, and I spoke about the importance of focusing on the Gospel (3.3-8). The Good News of God love & grace to us, especially through Christ, motivates us to every good, i.e., "beautiful work," not just doing the right thing, but doing what is good, loving, & attractive. Then, by the Good News we speak, and the "beautiful works" we do, we will glorify God, and draw men to Christ.

It is such a privilege to be here, and be able to serve God's people. But we could do this without the prayers & support of you at home who are helping us. Please continue praying. Thank you!

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